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Also I am on Tumblr now

I am Okayto. Find me. There are the normal Tumblr-y things of gifs, which I basically use all the time since I installed the GIF keyboard on my phone, but also stuff from working in the library.

And also Gravity Falls, because that show is the BOMB DIGGETY.

Um, hi

Oh my gosh do I love LJ. It's good to be back. Hopefully I'll stay back this time.

Out of curiosity, I checked my last actual entry: 2014 resolutions. How did I do?

*Move from creepy house DONE. Moved into apartment, and now a different apartment. This is a better apartment, as evidenced by the BUILT-IN BOOKCASE.
*Visit one new restaurant a month. Chains are fair game, as long as I've never been to any of their locations before. Groupon/Living Social/deal-inspired visits are also fair. Pretty sure I failed, but it lives on in spirit. I make an effort to try new places--there are a lot of small middle eastern (?) places around. I also finally visited this tiny taco place I'd been driving past for like 7 years. Still not brave enough to try any of their organ meats, though.
*Stand up to doctor when she orders more blood tests because they're stupid expensive, nothing's going to change, and it's not important. ...No clue. I've just kinda avoided the doctor. In other news, I don't have a strong need for ADHD meds right now, which is great.
*Do not complain about being a bridesmaid to the bride, who is really being considerate. Remember that my problems are more with the ideas behind the wedding industry as a whole. DONE. Actually my bridesmaid duties mostly involved 1) buying and wearing a dress and shoes, 2) helping set up for the small wedding, 3) hanging out with the bride. She was great and set a good example if I ever get married.
*Watch the U.S. men's team lose badly in the World Cup They actually didn't lose too badly. AND IN 2015 THE WOMEN WON WHICH IS MORE EXCITING.
*Do something art-ish. Anything. A comic, quilled paper, sketching, anything. I haven't done anything since graduating. FAIL. Still working on this. Bought a calendar where I have to color each month's picture, and bought one of those swanky new adult coloring books (drawn by my art professor! Heroines of the Old Testament!), so moving in that direction.
*Find better way to track finances. I don't know what I was doing before. I still don't put receipts to use, but I keep track via my bank's app, so...done?
*Give away prom dresses on Freecycle or something to make some other girl happy My orange princess dress disappeared at some point in 2014, so I assume this happened.
*Transfer all junk from old computer to new. THIS DIDN'T HAPPEN. THIS STILL NEEDS TO HAPPEN. AUGH.

Resolutions I Would Like To Make But Won't Set In Stone Because There's a Very Good Chance They Are Unrealistic
*Re-join actively Livejournal/add Dreamwidth into the mix. (Reason Why Unrealistic: I fail and life/internet balance. Or, more accurately, I fail at work/sleep/remembering to eat balance, and everything past those three is just one more thing I have difficulty with. Actually, make than everything past work and sleep. I forget to eat sometimes, too.)
*Watch the U.S. men's team win something or not lose badly. (Reason Why Unrealistic: U.S. men's soccer team on a world stage. Duh.)
*Renovate and restart blog. (Reason Why Unrealistic: I fail at work/sleep/everything balance, and the...effort, I guess?...required to keep myself organized or on task or work or something apparently sucks out any creativity. I mean, I stopped reading for approximately 3.5 months when work got busy, and I'm an hourly employee, so it's not like I didn't have time. I was just so drained I couldn't do anything but exist.) DEFINITE FAIL
*Make new icons for LJ (Reason Why Unrealistic: See above.) FAILURE OF FAILNESS
Jigoku Shoujo

Random tidbit: this was waiting to be restored when I went to post a new entry. Roughly 2 years old.

//(Why didn't I finish this two years ago? We'll never know.)//

I finalized my bridesmaid dress today, which was good. The bride is one of my best friends from college, and we're all picking out different-styles dresses of the same color. If anyone ever has to go to David's Bridal in the future, beware: the employees tend to attach themselves to you like leeches. If you tell them you want to do this yourself, they only sometimes listen.

Very Important Announcement

Hear ye, hear ye, in case you did not know, THE SING-OFF IS BACK. And it's absolutely amazing. There is a classic old doo-wop group singing One Direction. Why you are not watching this, I cannot fathom.

Relatedly, I commandeer the living room and television - I was able to get our antenna working so we get free over-the-air broadcasts - every time it's on, roommates be darned.

As a precaution, I am now scouring the internet for sarcastic quips

Guitar Girl the roommate goes to pick up our weekly farm share of mostly delicious fresh food and the okra they also stick in there.

Farmer John: Guitar Girl, are you okay today?

Guitar Girl, who has felt low-grade ick/blah for the last year: I guess I'm doing okay. I'm a little bit nauseous.

Farmer John: Well, maybe you're pregnant.

There are many appropriate things to reply, Farmer John. That was not one of them.


"Well, it sure took someone a while to hear from God."

"Really, God changed his mind from what he told you fifteen minutes ago?"

Bahahaha. My roommate, like me, works in a Christian educational institution unlike me, she can wear pants and brings home good quotes from the office.

On a related topic voting for a new General Superintendent (the GS are kinda a board of directors or something for my denomination) took for-freaking-ever. Like, 53 ballots/voting rounds worth of forever. (I didn't vote, this was a delegates-from-around-the-world-who-convene-every-4-years kinda thing. I should explain my church sometime so this makes sense.)

You know how awesome I am? My birthday is 10/11/12, THAT'S how awesome I am.

So today has been fine. And I've gotten some things accomplished tonight. And I've notified the freaking paper that yet again I have not received it for the past three days. And I gave my sister the address of the restaurant we're going on Saturday for my birthday celebration (also: is my birthday not the most awesome this year? IT IS AWESOME).

And then I realized Jasper Fforde has TWO NEW BOOKS that have been released and I'm suddenly jumpy and possessed with the desire to ransack the nearest bookstore because Jasper Fforde books, people.

And his book tour is not coming to Nashville because it hates me. Boo. So I will console myself with Eoin Colfer, who was probably much funnier in person anyway, so there.

(no subject)

I have a bed! that is, a bed frame for my mattress so my bed is now complete! Which means I can store things under it and possibly clear a path so my roommate doesn't have to pole-vault to the door!

At work, my bosses tell me I'm doing an excellent job, which is good because I kinda feel like I have no clue what I'm doing. Which mostly means that I do not, indeed, know what I'm doing. But apparently I'm really good at not knowing what I'm doing, because they keep giving me new stuff to not know and I haven't caused anything to explode yet.

Also, I have a problem, and it is not having consistent time to read, which means I go through periods where I have too many things checked out and then pay overdue fines (new Kaytland record: $14.70), and then there's times like now when I've exhausted everything and can't get to the library.

And then there're times when I could be reading but giggle at things on Youtube instead. Like basically anything by Jordan Taylor.

It also distracts me from the school paper, which my sister picked up for me. In an article on the counseling center, with the word "counseling" in there all over the place, plus its logo with the word "counseling" in it, plus a pullout with information at the end containing the word "counseling"...the giant headline declares it "Counceling."

...Or the yearbook, which has two full pages on the magician from an event last year and named him "Henry Cho"...a comedian who visited in 2009. Guys, I love that school, but I just kind want to take a red pen to everything produced by students for mass consumption.

Uninspired title

I don't know what it is, but my creativity disappears the moment I get home from work. And not just creativity, but...interest in things I like. Not the warning-this-might-be-a-symptom-of-something-more-serious kind of disinterest, just a combination of no motivation and not finding...anything interesting. Weird. And annoying because there is stuff I need to get done.

I am, as I usually do, rationalizing this as part of "Kayt's Transition Time," wherein I'm still figuring out how to be a real adult. Mentally, I have assigned the turning point when:

1) my bedroom is entirely put away
2) I have and use a simple tracking method for budgeting (i.e., "start a spreadsheet and actually keep it updated")
3) I schedule-ish meals and actually cook them, for both/either dinner and (leftovers) lunch.

I refuse to make any estimates as to when this will happen (according to Delivered From Distraction, I have "a tendency to underestimate the time it takes to complete a task or get to a destination," so this is me pretending not to do that), but I'm making progress.

My bedroom is actually a bonus room (that was apparently billed as a 3rd bedroom when the house was being advertised) that I'm sharing with another girl, so there's no closet whatsoever. I bought a mattress and a wardrobe (Big Lots! You are much better than your name implies!). Between that and the two shelving units (this over-bed thing and this that we used in the dorms), I have all my clothes unpacked, but a lot of stuff has nowhere, physically, to go. I ordered a bed frame and slats from Ikea, so when that arrives (coupled with the bed risers I still own) I can store things under my bed. Unfortunately furniture is expensive ROYGIBIV I have spent so much money. I know it's not a recurring thing, but dang.

The budgeting...right now, it really is just trying to find the best way to trick my brain into actually using a system. I've tried multiple approaches to tracking money, and nothing sticks. Obviously, this is something that *has* to be done, so I'm trying to find something. Realizing I get mentally overwhelmed at visual clutter, I'm looking for a new purse. Mine is lovely, but if I can get one that's a little bigger with just as many pockets (read: lots), I think that might be the trick for keeping receipts and either recording them each day, or having something to record purchases as they happen.

I'm working on the meals thing. I'm doing my best to avoid premade things, which doesn't work, but I haven't eaten ramen since I graduated. Only because my roommates leave stuff on the stove, though, and I've eaten Walmart-brand frozen chicken nuggets and my lunch at work today was taking a can of chicken noodle soup and microwaving it and water in a tupperware, so yeah. We're also in the process of cleaning out the kitchen (read: former housemates' items), so space is also an issue.

Speaking of food: I went shopping for some long-overdue fresh fruit at Walmart yesterday. I'd thrown on an oversize t-shirt and generic shorts--nothing near "People of Walmart," but, you know, nothing interesting. As I'm examining bell peppers, a nearby guy starts talking to me. You know: friendly, mindless chat with someone for only the duration you're with a few feet of each other. It happens frequently (and indeed, happened earlier in my trip with a similarly-aged guy), so I don't think any of it at first.

Until he keeps talking, and asks if I have plans after I'm done shopping ( 8:40 pm?), and if he could have my number. And, after a startled and awkward 'no,' if he could give me his just in case I wanted to call him in a few weeks or something.

(Which is several more exchanges of ", no, really, it wouldn't happen.")

You may remember that while I was in Germany, I was apparently very attractive to creepers. While I won't call him a creeper because he was, at least, very friendly and seemed, at least, genuine...he was still a man in his late 50s trying to pick up a girl who can't look more than her mid-twenties.*

And you know, he has a house right down the way, and he's a bachelor! And really nice and he'll treat me right! And he'll let me go, but his daddy always said that if you saw something you liked, you gotta try your best. And you have a real pretty smile!

So he finally let me go, but then I had to putter around and inspect bananas because he was hovering by the fruit I actually wanted, because he was actually shopping too but I really didn't want to open myself up to conversation again.

So I spent the rest of the night feeling kinda flattered because hey, I like my smile, and then guilty about that, all with a leftover tinge of creepiness. But not guilt about turning him down, because no. And then pride at not feeling guilt because sometimes my brain isn't rational and it was a possibility.

*(Admittedly, I'm not sure exactly how old I look, due to the world assuming my younger cousins/sisters were my children, and my father my husband, since roughly the age of 13. But that's been happening less so I think it's almost even between looks/real age now.)

It's like they didn't realize that the internet, well, works.

You know, I don't care how much NBC paid, you'd think that with so many more people forgoing TV altogether in favor of internet streaming, they'd find a better way of doing things than "you can only stream it live if you have bought a cable tv package that includes these other channels of ours."

Newsflash, NBC: If I had a TV that got your channels, I would not care about streaming it live on my laptop.

Relevant because Kayt loooves the Olympics, and in two days is moving into a house that does not include cable. My goal is to see if I can hook up their TV and get the basic free channels so there'll be at least one NBC channel I can watch and that should have a lot of the major events, but it's doubtful.

Now, since I am working full-time (did I mention that? More on that later when I actually figure out what I'm doing) it really shouldn't matter; EDIT I was originally about to say it looks like NBC's Olympic website will have full event replays so I could still watch my favorites. However, the article I read that quotes directly from their FAQ is now inaccurate: when I clicked the link to see the FAQ, any and all references to full event replays were gone, and when they were referenced it was with live streaming, i.e., Thou Must Already Subscribe To Cable. Another article also makes reference to the same idea that is not not supported anywhere I can find on NBC's official website.

Right. So now, apparently, unless things change I will have no way to see any full Olympic event unless I go somewhere with a TV, live or not. This just doesn't make sense. Stream replays and insert commercials or something, but I can't imagine this is a good strategy. If only people who already have cable can access streaming, they won't make any more money from them, and I seriously doubt that anyone is going to buy a cable package solely to watch the Olympics, TV or streaming.

In short: this is a HUGE, major world event, it's barely started and NBC is already completely bombing any way of handling it. Normally I ignore people who post on corporations' FB pages, because someone is always going to have problems. But the people who are posting on NBC's are all pretty dead-on this time, especially with regarding commentary during the opening ceremony. I understand the need for commercial breaks, but really? "What should we talk about as each nation comes in?" "Well, they're not America, so let's make really tasteless references to political situations! No one cares, right?"