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Sweet Madness

Tower of Babble

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Kayt Kakalina
11 October
External Services:
  • selene_moon@livejournal.com
I go by
♠ Kayt at all places, no matter what my username is.
♠ Celestial-Selene at DeviantArt.
♠ DimensionKayt at Fanfiction.net.
selene_moon and dimensionkayt here.
♠ "Hey, you!"

I am
♠ A university student
♠ A fanfic writer and fanartist
♠ Christian

I often
♠ Talk (type) on and on about stories, OCs, art, and other stuff I like.
♠ Forget to comment.
♠ Read, which requires posts to let the world know what kinds of delicious books are out there.

I like
♠ 2D animation
♠ Fast-paced music and soundtracks.
♠ Fantasy, mystery, adventure, and combinations thereof.
♠ Talking. A lot.

However, I don't like
♠ Friend requests without an accompanying comment to tell me why you're friending me (only here, though; dimensionkayt loves being friended ♥).
♠ Brussels sprouts
♠ Chatspeak
♠ How I acted before 2007 (or thereabouts). If you knew me, I apologize.

oO.You Hyun.Oo in the Artist Blog Crew

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